Handheld Refractometer ATC Professional 0 – 10 Brix

NEW! Professional Handheld Refractometer, ATC, 0-10 Brix

This is a Handheld Refractometer 0 - 10% Brix

Hand refractometers are made with a variety of different scales to measure dissolved solids in solution.

Hand refractometers are categorized according to the type of measurement scale required. All are easily transportable for field use, simple to use, and require only an outside light source to be functional. Models with the ATC designation are Automatic Temperature Compensated over a 40º F temperature range.

Included: One Adjustment Screwdriver; Ten Pipettes

We have several models available at this price!

Brix scale hand refractometers are developed for sugar-related liquids such as fruit juices, honey, soft drinks, and wines. These units are used to help monitor and control the sugar concentrations of products in the food and beverage industry. Whether checking the “ripeness” of fruit in the field, verifying product quality after the harvest, or controlling concentrations during processing and packaging, refractometers provide critical information to ensure product quality. Full ranges of measurement are available.


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