About AFAB Enterprises

Our Philosophy 

AFAB Enterprises is founded on the understanding that many manufacturing and processing facilities need accurate, reliable and repeatable results from refractometer equipment - but they don't necessarily have to spend tens of thousands to get those results. Through a series of common sense approaches to the design and engineering of our products, AFAB offers its customers the best of both worlds; dependability and affordability. Yes, anyone can probably spend more on refractometer equipment, but for most of the companies that use this equipment it is costly overkill.

The Principals 

When James Corbett, the company founder started AFAB ENTERPRISES in 1991, his vision was to build the best and most affordable in-Line refractometers and in-Line turbidity transmitters on the market. With extensive engineering experience in the areas of polarimetry, refractometry, consistency, concentricity, eddy current fault detection, ozone generation and UV monitoring and many awarded patents to his name, and having served as the Vice President of research and development of a successful instrumentation company, he assembled a talented team of engineers and technicians to successfully produce the best, yet the most affordable instruments on the market. AFAB Enterprises has grown to become a leader in the field of refractometry and is ready to meet your most demanding needs.

Fast Repsonse 

AFAB Enterprises has earned a reputation for attentive service and problem solving capabilities that help our customers stay on schedule. We understand the importance of every component in your line and will do what is necessary to make sure your customized AFAB refractometer gets there when you need it.