Hand Refractometer

hand refractometer

Hand refractometers are made with a variety of different scales to measure dissolved solids in solution. We carry: brix, salinity, critical protein, alchohol, battery & antifreeze, and brake fluid
hand refractometers.

General Information
Hand refractometers are made with a variety of different scales to measure dissolved solids in solution. The various hand refractometers are categorized according to the type of measurement scale required. All are easily transportable for field use, simple to use, and require only an outside light source to be functional. Models with the ATC designation are Automatic Temperature Compensated over a 40º F temperature range.

Brix Hand Refractometers
hr brixBrix scale hand refractometers are developed for sugar-related liquids such as fruit juices, honey, soft drinks, and wines. These units are used to help monitor and control the sugar concentrations of products in the food and beverage industry. Whether checking the “ripeness” of fruit in the field, verifying product quality after the harvest, or controlling concentrations during processing and packaging, refractometers provide critical information to ensure product quality. Full ranges of measurement are available.
Brix scale hand refractometers are also commonly used for controlling the ratio and concentration of various industrial fluids (water-miscible cutting fluids and industrial lubricants, etc.). They are developed to assist machine operators in maintaining the delicate water/coolant balance. Proper coolant mixtures reduce waste and tool-wear while increasing feed and speed rates, improving the efficiency of machining equipment. Models HR-010 through HR-055 are suitable for most machining applications.
brix hand refractometer

Salinity Refractometers
Hr salinityThe Salinity Refractometers are designed to test the concentration of salt water or brine. The triple scale on these units provides a direct reading of the specific gravity and concentration of salt in water (parts per thousand). These units provide a reliable refractive index and salinity reading of totally dissolved solids of aqueous solutions. They are used for quality control in research and clinical laboratories. They can be used to check and maintain stock solutions and dilutions. In the food industry, they are effective in the preparation of frozen vegetables, fruits, seafood and ocean by-byproducts. The Salinity models can also be used for determining soil quality, and in oceanography and seawater studies.

salinity hand refractometer

Clinical Protein Refractometers
Veterinarians and medical doctors require a quick and accurate indication of the levels of vital fluids. These models provide a triple scale with Urine specific gravity, serum protein, and refractive index readouts.

Alcohol Refractometers
These units are developed for working with alcohol or sugar-related wines and alcohol. This series measures the alcohol concentration in wines or water solution and also measures the sugar level of grapes so that the manufacturer can choose the best time for making grape wine.

Battery/Antifreeze/Cleaning Fluids Refractometers
These models are designed for testing the concentration of battery acids, antifreeze liquids and cleaning fluids. The percentage indicator indicates the point of freezing for both propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. It can also be used for checking the strength of electrolyte solution batteries.

Brake Fluid Refractometers
hr 811 Brake Fluid Refractometers are precision optical testing instruments for measuring the boiling point and water content of DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluids. In seconds and with only two drops of brake fluid an accurate indication of the boiling point or percentage of water content can be obtained. Brake fluid may be measured from the master cylinder or from each of the wheel cylinders. Many automobile manufacturers recommend regular brake fluids inspections, but until now there was never an easy, inexpensive means for testing it. The Brake Fluid Refractometer represents the most accurate field testing means available for determining the boiling point and water content of brake fluids.

brake fluid refractometer

Hand Refractometers


Brix HR-010 0-10%Brix 0.1%Brix +/-0.1% $100
HR-010ATC 0-10%Brix 0.1%Brix +/-0.1% $110
HR-018 0-18%Brix 0.1%Brix +/-0.1% $100
HR-032 0-32%Brix 0.2%Brix +/-0.2% $100
HR-032ATC 0-32%Brix 0.2%Brix +/-0.2% $110
HR-062 28-62%Brix 0.2%Brix +/-0.2% $100
HR-082 45-82%Brix 0.5%Brix +/-0.2% $100
HR-090 58-90%Brix 0.5%Brix +/-0.5% $106
HR-098 0-80%Brix 1%Brix +/-1% $240
HR-099 0-90%Brix 0.2%Brix +/-0.2% $320
Salinity HR-110 0-10% 0.10% +/-0.1% $100
HR-110ATC 0-10% 0.10% +/-0.1% $110
HR-128 0-28% 0.20% +/-0.2% $100
Clinical Protein HR-200 0-12g/dl 0.2g/dl +/-0.2g/dl $106
1.000-1.0400sg 0.002sg +/-0.005sg
1.3330-1.3600RI 0.0005RI +/-0.0005RI
HR-200ATC 0-12g/dl 0.2g/dl +/-0.2g/dl $116
1.000-1.0400sg 0.002sg +/-0.005sg
1.3330-1.3600RI 0.0005RI +/-0.0005RI
Alcohol HR-325 0-25%Brix 0.2%Brix +/-0.2% $116
HR-380 0-80%Brix varies +/-1% $120
Battery/ Antifreeze HR-727 -84°F-32°F 0.5°F +/-5°F $106
Cleaning fluid 1.10sg~1.40sg 0.01sg +/-0.01sg
HR-727ATC -84°F-32°F 0.5°F +/-5°F $114
1.10sg~1.40sg 0.01sg +/-0.01sg
HR-737 -60°C-0°C 0.5°C +/-5°C $106
1.10~1.40sg 0.01sg +/-0.01sg
HR-737ATC -60°C-0°C 0.5°C +/-5°C $114
1.10~1.40sg 0.01sg +/-0.01sg
HR-747 - 60°F-32°F 10°F +/-10°F $106
1.15sg-1.30sg 0.01sg +/-0.01sg
HR-757 -50°C-0°C , 40° C-0°C 5°C +/-5°C $106
1.15sg-1.30sg 0.01sg +/-0.01sg
HR-767 -50°C-0°C , 40°C-0°C 5°C +/-5°C $106
1.10~1.40sg 0.01sg +/-0.01sg
HR-777 ETHYLENE GLYCOL 10°F , 10°C , 0.01sg +/-10°F $110
(-60°F - 32°F) +/-10°C
(-50°C - 0°C) +/-0.01sg
(-50°F - 32°F)
(-50°C - 0°C)
HR-787 ETHYLENE GLYCOL 10°F , 10°C , 0.01sg +/-10°F $110
(-90°F-32°F) +/-10°C
(-70°C-0°C) +/-0.01sg
Brake Fluid HR-801 1 to 6% 1% +/-1% Call For
(DOT3) 250-500(F) 25(F) 25°F Pricing.
HR-811 1 to 6% 1% +/-1% Call For
(DOT4) 250-500(C) VARIES VARIES Pricing.