PTM-2000 Turbidity Monitor

The PTM-2000 measures the amount of suspended solids in a solution or emulsion.

The PTM-2000 has become an efficient and cost-effective monitoring tool for the continuous monitoring of industrial processes. The low cost of the PTM-2000 allows you to purchase several units at a cost much less than many of it's competitors, thus making it possible to continuously monitor more of your applications at a reduced cost.

Price: From $1,995

PTM-2000 Turbidity Monitor


Turbidity Monitor


Features Benefits
Stainless steel sensing head with sapphire prism Inert to essentially all liquids over the operating temperature range of the unit.
High intensity visible LED light source Long life. Low maintenance. Maximum uptime for your process line.
Silicon detector in sensing unit State of the art for accuracy and dependability.
Built in AGC loop Compensates for LED aging
guaranteeing maximum accuracy.
NEMA 4 head and console Water tight and drip proof for safety and long life.
4-20 mA output Send to a PLC or your existing
D.C.S. (SCADA) System to automatically
control and adjust your process.
0-100% Analog Display Meter Easily correlated to your specific monitoring requirements.
Easy user controlled calibration and temperature compensation capability Allows you to tailor calibration and compensation to your specific process.
110/220 VAC input power No special wiring required. Can be used nearly everywhere.
1" Sensing head Can be used in a wide variety of process lines. Adapters for any size process lines can be built to your specifications.*

* Adapters are not included in the base price of the PTM-2000 and are priced separately based on individual requirements. We will need a sketch and/or description of your desired adapter mounting. We can provide a spool adapter with tri-clamps for pipe applications, doughnut for pan application or whatever is required for your particular application.



Measuring Range  0-75% Suspended Solids (See note 1 below)
Span 75% Suspended Solids (See note 1 below)
Accuracy Depends on characteristics of material being measured
May have logarithmic output
Repeatability Typically better than +/- 1% of Span
Accuracy (w/sm-1 Smart Meter) +/- 1% of Span
Temperature Range  0-250o  Fahrenheit
Recommended Operating  +/- 20o Fahrenheit from customer selected nominal
Temperature Compensated Range between 0 and 250o Fahrenheit
Electronics Console Dimensions  Probe DimensionsB
Available Power Supplies
24 VAC 9-18VDC 18-36VDC 120VAC 240VAC
Width   -   7.09"
Height  -   4.33"
Depth   -   3.47"
Interconnecting Cable  -  20'
Power Supply Cord  -  6'
Adapts to a 1' MNPT Standard
(Male National Pipe Thread)

Note 1: The actual instrument range and span will depend on the type of
process liquid to be measured. Contact AFAB Enterprises for exact
specifications for your process.