Refractometer adapters

This is only a small sample of the many adapters AFAB has available!

Our adapters are custom made to your specifications, to any size and made out of any kind of material you specify. We can provide a spool adapter with tri-clamps for pipe applications, doughnut for pan application or whatever is required for your particular application.

barbed tube adapter
A-1696 3/8" Barbed Tube Adapter 304 ss w/o Steam Purge

pipe saddle adapter
A-2944 4" Pipe Saddle Adapter

male npt adapter
1" Male npt Unions Adapter

small tubing adapter
1" Tubing Adapter

female spool adapter
2" Female Sanitary Spool Adapter

sanitary spool adapter
2" Sanitary Spool Adapter

A-2271 3cc adapter
A-2271 3cc Adapter w 03mm tubing

4 in male npt adapter
4" Male NPT Adapter

female pipe adapter
4" Female Pipe Adapter