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Refractometer Eases Dairy Dilemma



A Central Florida company is revolutionizing the way dairy food and beverage products are manufactured by providing the dairy industry with technology to update their measuring and control process. AFAB Enterprises has created an affordable refractometer that is being utilized in the dairy industry with great success in both domestic and international markets.

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Machine Coolant News

Monitoring The Coolant Lines a Way to Reduce Production Costs

With the advent of the modern high-speed CNC machines, the need for maintaining optimum concentrations of cutting fluids in machining operations has become essential. Higher feed rates, deeper cuts, better accuracy, reduced power consumption, and longer tool & insert life are all benefits from using the appropriate cutting fluid at the proper concentration.

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Lubrication News

Extend Tool Life, Cut Costs With Affordable Refractometer

AFAB Enterprises, located in Central Florida, announces a break-through advancement for the metalworking industry. AFAB’s PR-111 In-Line Process Refractometer can help extend tool life, decrease “downtime”, and improve “throughput” by monitoring or controlling the lubrication fluid to maintain optimum concentration.

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Diet Soda News


Diet Soda Manufacturers: Prepare For A Refractometer Revolution

After a year of comprehensive testing, research and calibration, AFAB Enterprises, located in Central Florida, is set to revolutionize the way diet soda is manufactured:

AFAB’s PR-111 In-Line Process Refractometer is the first refractometer that can successfully and consistently measure the artificial sweetener concentrations that are used to flavor diet soda. AFAB’s announcement is welcome news for an industry that has been searching for technology that can handle this important and difficult measurement.

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Cost Effects of Accuracy, Repeatability, and Resolution


Modern advances in technology have effected the lives of many people in the world today. In some cases this technology has brought about an improved life style, or has changed the manner in which human interrelationships are conducted.

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Accuracy, Repeatability, and Resolution

As with any measurement system, there are several factors which play a key role. Three of these are: Accuracy, Repeatability and Resolution. The user of the measurement device may need to give thought to these three factors since they may translate into a significant difference in the pricing strategy of the device, or system.

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