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Diet Soda Manufacturers: Prepare For A Refractometer Revolution

After a year of comprehensive testing, research and calibration, AFAB Enterprises, located in Central Florida, is set to revolutionize the way diet soda is manufactured:

AFAB’s PR-111 In-Line Process Refractometer is the first refractometer that can successfully and consistently measure the artificial sweetener concentrations that are used to flavor diet soda. AFAB’s announcement is welcome news for an industry that has been searching for technology that can handle this important and difficult measurement.

Currently, the makers of diet soda must manually test their product throughout the beverage run to insure quality and taste consistency. This costly and time-consuming process depends on manpower to accurately conduct product sampling and testing, and often results in lost product due to inconsistencies in production.

Artificial sweetener concentrations in diet soda are so small that existing refractometers have been unable to make an accurate measurement – until now, that is.

AFAB Enterprises will test and calibrate their refractometers to meet the specific process and control needs of any diet soda concentration, thus lowering labor costs and slicing lost product revenue.

For more information about how the PR-111 can revolutionize the way your company manufactures diet soda, visit:

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