Extend Tool Life, Cut Costs With Affordable Refractometer

AFAB Enterprises, located in Central Florida, announces a break-through advancement for the metalworking industry. AFAB’s PR-111 In-Line Process Refractometer can help extend tool life, decrease “downtime”, and improve “throughput” by monitoring or controlling the lubrication fluid to maintain optimum concentration.


Machinists, extruders and molders must use water-soluble oil to keep their tools cool and lubricated. Because of changes in EPA regulations governing the disposal of petroleum based oils, machinists are required to use water-based soluble oils for this purpose. Monitoring these mixtures is a job well suited to the PR-111.

AFAB’s PR-111 Inline Process Refractometer accomplishes this difficult task by measuring the % concentration of water-soluble oils in a solution to provide continuous in-line measurement and indication. The PR-111 also accurately measures emulsions.

AFAB also offers an innovative new adapter to address coating problems which often accompany these types of measurements due to the presence of “tramp oil” or additives to the soluble oil itself. This new adapter uses the fluid to keep the prism clean by forcing the fluid through a small orifice at high velocity. This orifice is located immediately in front of the sensing prism. In many instances, this new adapter totally eliminates the need to remove the sensing probe for cleaning.

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