Replacement Thermometer Abbe Benchtop Refractometer

Replacement Thermometer for Abbe Benchtop Refractometer

This is a Replacement Thermometer for a Benchtop Refractometer. This Thermometer is BRAND NEW!

We are selling the Thermometer and Spacer ONLY to replace your broken or missing Thermometer.

The housing and assembly is pictured for reference puposes, and is not included in this listing.

Glass Thermometer for Bench Top Laboratory Refractometers.

This 6" long -20 to 110 degree C. glass thermometer, along with spacer, is designed to replace the often broken 7" long 0 - 100 degree C. glass thermometers found on many benchtop laboratory refractometers. Fits models made by Bausch and Lomb, Thermo-Fisher, Thermo Electron, Spectronic Instruments and Milton Roy. Instructions included.

We are offering this NEW, at $50.00
We have several of them available.

We also have the complete assembly available in a separate listing, including:

Thermometer, Shroud, Cap, Lock Nut, Gland Nut, Holder and O-ring

If you would rather have us do it for you, contact us. For an additional $25.00 plus shipping,
you can send us your broken thermometer in it's metal holder, not the entire refractometer.

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