Inline Process Refractometer – PR111 AFAB Enterprises

NEW! AFAB Enterprises PR-111 Inline Process Refractometer Calibration included!

The PR-111 Inline Process Refractometer provides a continuous readout of the dissolved solids present in a process liquid.

Price includes calibration to your specific requirements.

The PR-111 In-Line Process Refractometer can continuously monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids or soluble liquids giving you a temperature compensated reading which can be easily correlated to percent solids, or percent concentration.

The versatile PR-111 refractometer comes standard with a 4-20 mA output which allows you to record and automatically control your critical process.
Ask us about the new non-metallic sensing head
for acidic or caustic solutions.

Some examples of applications include: Acids; Sugars; Starches; Milk and Milk Products; Alchohols; Oils and Lubricants; Ink; Urine and Urea; Juices; Foods Etc...


Comes standard with a 150 psi optical sensor
A 20' sensor cable and a 10' power cord are also included.
Non-Isolated 4-20 mA output when digital display units are not used, 5% of Span accuracy guaranteed.
Calibration Range determined when ordered.
Temperature Range determined when ordered.
Operating Pressure determined when ordered.
Power Supply available in 120vac; or 240vac.
Standard or European plug available
Sensor Probe 316 Stainless Steel
If you require a longer sensor cable, add $1.00 per foot beyond 20' to a 620' maximum length.
Sensor pressure ranges greater than 150 psi are available on request.
Custom calibration included.

Please contact seller with your information so we can set up your PR-111 on the following items:

Process being measured; Calibration range; Power supply; Operating pressure required; Temperature requirements; Type of Adapter required.

PR-111 Inline Process Refractometer $2995.00


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