Milton Roy ABBE Benchtop Refractometer

MILTON ROY ABBE Benchtop Refractometer - AFAB Enterprises
This is a benchtop refractometer; originally sold by Milton Roy. It has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order. If not satisfied you may return for full refund.
The calibration has been tested and verified as to accuracy and performance.

Adjustment knob allows fine adjustments for precise readings to 0.0001 for refractive index (1.30 to 1.71nD) and 0.05% for dissolved solids readings (0-85% Brix).

Solid, chemically resistant metal housing protects internal parts from stray liquids, fumes and dust.

We are offering this refurbished, at $1495.00
We have 1 of them available.


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